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My Tweets for pitching agents #SFFpit Jan 2020

Agent tweet fests are new to me. Agents follow a specific hashtag and you tweet your pitches, once an hour for 10 hours in the hope that an agent will invite you to send your query letter to them. A foot in the door!

But getting 10 beautifully-crafted 280-character tweets that encapsulate the essence of your novel is not easy. That's understating it.

Luckily, I've had some feedback from friendly Twitter and Facebook people and I've done all that I can do. It's nearly time. Here are the 9 tweets I am using. I will rejig the first one for the final push at 10pm UK time.

Some moderate spoilers follow!

On a moons-lit night, Ashari is struck by lightning and falls from the sky. With no memory, and a voice that is too powerful to use, she must work with a disguised demon to find out who she is and what she can do… before whatever is following her catches up.

GOT x Luc Besson’s Leon

The silver-haired girl arrived with a flash of lightning. Westorr’s men think she’s an avatar of the storm god. He thinks she’s his ticket to being more than a mercenary. She’ll let him train her, but if he thinks he’s in charge, he’s wrong.


Cries for self-rule in the north go unheard in the capital as King Marik overspends and the Wisemen corrupt magic. In the marsh, an ancient race challenges the Forest Lord. But the silver-haired girl who fell from the sky could stop them all.

By the light of three moons, in the midst of a storm, Ashari falls from the sky. With no memories, and a voice that is too powerful to use, she must hide what she can do until she finds out who she is.

A multi-POV epic grounded in the lives of three very different women. Adolescent Ashari falls from the sky with no memories. Captain Tyril must examine her loyalties. Former courtesan Gerna needs to escape her dark past. Magic, rivalry and intrigue.

Westorr longs for respect. As leader of a troop of brutes, murderers and bastards, he deserves it, but a hellish reputation won’t make him ‘Lord War’. Finding a way to control the silver-haired girl who may be an avatar of the storm god might just do it.

Retired army captain Crag can’t win. Called back to duty on the eve of civil war, he must abandon the fey, silver-haired young woman he found in the forest or drag her into danger. Forsake his lover or his queen. And refuse an order or betray his daughter.

Captain Tyril lives in the shadow of her predecessor, Crag. On the eve of civil war, the royals want him back. But the powers of a silver-haired young woman and a discovery in the forbidding marsh will make that rivalry the least of Tyril’s worries.

Ashari fell from the sky in the midst of a storm. Silver-haired and with a voice too powerful to use, she could be an avatar of the storm god or something entirely new. She must evade those who wish to control her and choose a side in the coming war.

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