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I've got an agent!

The lovely and most excellent John Baker at Bell Lomax Moreton is going to represent me. Here is my very happy face as I clutch my signed agreement.

There is still a very uncertain road to a publishing contract but I am delighted to be working with John, who really understands my novel (and thinks it's brilliant - direct quote). He's got a great eye for edits, so we will be making some changes before the novel goes on submission, including a new working title! I will keep you posted.

Here is the pitch (for the Twitter event Pitch Madness) that got his attention:

Rebellious fae Ashari wields a voice that can harm or heal. Having lost her memory in a storm, she chooses the unlikely safety of becoming a mercenary for the enigmatic Captain Westorr. But ‘safe’ is a relative term. For both of them.

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