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Main Character Teases

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Get a glimpse of the point-of-view characters in 'The Wild God's Gambit'

I hope you find them intriguing even if they are not all likeable! Complex, flawed characters are what drives the novel. What's your favourite motivation?

Living 'half a hundred' lives, Jeneia is a reincarnated guardian of the Balance, walking a careful line between chaos and order. Above all, she must keep dangerous magics from tearing the land apart. This lifetime, she will face her greatest challenge. If she follows the rules, she may fail. If she doesn't, she'll be part of the problem.

Sent hurtling from the sky in a storm, headstrong fae Ashari has no memories, no conscience and a voice that may tip the Balance into chaos. If she ever chooses to use it. The allies she binds to her, as ancient magics rise, will determine the fate of more than just the people she left behind.

Tyril is doing a solid job as Captain of the King’s Army, but the upcoming civil war is far outside her experience. On a journey to bring back the former captain, she is waylaid in the forbidden marsh. An encounter with the mysterious folk there will undermine the foundations of the very land she stands to protect and transform her completely. To who and what is she truly loyal?

As a former courtesan, Gerna's nursing a grudge or two and licking some serious wounds. She’d rather live a peaceful life with a good man, given the choice, but we don’t always get to choose. Old shames are hard to conquer, and pasts come back to haunt us. Sometimes literally.

Former Captain Crag’s illness turned out not to be so fatal after all. Now civil war is brewing, the king and queen want him back. What will he do with the unspeaking young woman he found in the forest? Some responsibilities won’t be left behind.

If only he were as good with words as he is with a sword. No-one gives Westorr the respect that he deserves. The men he commands are killers, brutes and bastards but he is so much more. And when he gets the opportunity to spread his wings, he will show them all.

A bard, a messenger, a spy. And so many more roles Bealian would rather not take on, if he could just help himself. But Belaka is a hotbed of political problems and Bealian has a compulsion to get things done. Can he live with the consequences?

A mercenary was the last thing Griff thought he would ever become. Serving Westorr as his aide is his life now and he’s the voice of reason to his leader's savage impulses. But the strange, silver-haired recruit is trouble and no-one is listening. And even Griff is starting to like her.

If you like sound of any of the characters, let me know in a comment! Thanks.

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Mark, I love a morally grey and complex character! I can't wait to tell more of Bealian's story in book 2 because he is in deeper than even he knows...


Mark Rankin
Mark Rankin
Mar 20, 2020

Bealian is the one I find myself most drawn to, but then I'm a sucker for a rogue (it's the class I always play in fantasy games). I like that he's reluctant but can't seem to leae well alone. It's a nice twist on the character type.

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